Jom Buat Duit Dengan Broadband!

Freelance Broadband Agent (Streamyx, Unifi, Maxis, TIME, IPTV) wanted!
Commission up to 180% per sales. 

  • It is FREE TO JOIN. You do not have to pay anything to start the business as we provide all business opportunities for FREE. Instead, we pay you commission when you sell our products.
  • You will be handle by Company Manager for support.
  • FREE Guiding on how to find sales to close sales. NO TARGET require.
  • Payment will be directly bank in to your account. Payment voucher will be provided.
  • Own an online store for FREE – Once you join, you get an online store with a unique store name for FREE. You may post 10 products to sell. Our business partners will contact you if they are interested in your products.
  • Overriding Commission From Your Network.

Let’s get an example, you invited 10 persons to join under you, all your partners invited 10 persons to join them as well, assume each person subscribe for Unifi 100Mbps @ RM129, you will get the commission as shown in the calculation below:

First Level: You
Level 1: 10 Persons
Level 2: 100 Persons
Level 3: 1,000 Persons

You will get total commission of RM8,265.70 according to the simple action of everyone get 10 persons to join and each person get 1 broadband customer.

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